The above invitation appeared on the bulletin board of the Anglican Church in Nanoose Bayabout a week ago. Tonight, being the evening before the annual commemoration of the Crucifixion of Christ, aka Good Friday, we are all invited to a Pot Luck supper at the church.


I presume this Dinner With Jesus is meant to remind us of The Last Supper that Christ enjoyed with his disciples almost two millennia ago. (For those of you who are worried about my math skills, I would remind you that Anno Domini, AD for short, starts with the conception or the birth of Christ. Jesus was in his early 30’s when he died. Given that 30 – 13 = 17 we are still well within the second millennial bench mark.) However, mathematics aside, I do remember enough of my New Testament to know that Jesus did promise “wherever two or three of you are gathered together in my name, there will I be also.” (Or words to that effect.)


So, is it possible? Might He really come for dinner?


For the most part, I’m an optimistic soul who likes to keep her options open, so I’m very tempted to go and see for myself whether or not He shows. I could bring along a little bread and possibly some wine. I wouldn’t need to bring a lot. I remember how good He used to be with loaves and fishes.


On the other hand, I am a little worried, too. Churches claim to do a lot with bread and wine. They claim to turn them into Jesus’ flesh and Jesus’ blood. So, on second thought, I think I’ll just stay home. Who knows what might end up in the pot? And I wouldn’t want this supper be my last.