Welcome to the Unknown Zone, the name I’ve chosen for my blog. It’s inspired by the space on my taskbar that occasionally shows up when I’m surfing the net on my old PC, a Dell Home Edition that I purchased in 2004. The Unknown Zone–a space I don’t know how to enter and don’t know where it leads. It seems a fitting name for a new endeavour.

The title also applies to my own life, the one I thought I’d plotted out, (retirement secure) until the emergency, the accident that changed everything occurred and I entered the Zone for real. Seven weeks ago today my husband, Ron, suffered a stroke which left his right side paralyzed, but thankfully with his mind and memories intact. Together he and I have entered a new realm, uncharted and quite strange.

The Unknown Zone could also mean the Zen space we inhabit before we’re born, and the space we enter when our lives do end. Perhaps it is the place we go to when we sleep. Perhaps it is the dark space in our brain.

Or perhaps it is simply this blog–the space where I don’t know what will turn up next or where the prose will lead. I invite you to join me, if you dare, and Contact Me if you find the Unknown Zone on your own PC. Please let me know I’m not alone.