Here we are, only 2 weeks later, and entry 2 is finally under way. Why the lengthy hiatus? You might well ask. Why would my site be the target of hackers from Italy and Spain? Why would Site Lock, the powerful new weapon which I purchased to protect me from such vagabonds, lock me out, too? Why is it that my Blog Page doesn’t work? Am I really such a techno-peasant? After all, I am old enough to remember when computers didn’t even have hard drives, when people had to load all their software programs from a floppy disc before they could use them. I can even remember communicating and giving commands in DOS. But now, it seems, DOS must stand for Definitely Old Speak. Sometimes I want to scream. A primal, primordial scream.
NB, the Unknown Zone is still lurking in cyberspace. I’ve seen it again. It appeared on my task bar last week and this time I was quicker on the uptake. I sat and watched it, and lo, it soon disappeared and was replaced by a round, blue-green icon beside which I read the word “Internet.”