Today has been a busy day. The Telus man was here at 8:30 am and by 11:00am Ron and I had a new modem, superfast internet and Optik TV complete with the ability to record television shows. (I know, most of you can do this already.) However, we were initially confused by the on/off button on our new remote control. It turns off the digital box and the TV with a single press of a single button instead of the press of three buttons which had to be pressed in the correct sequence. It took us months to master that. Our installer informed us that if we had a smart phone or an IPad we could record programs on our Smart TV from wherever we happened to be, that is to say, if we were really, actually, literally “remote”.

The fun will start tonight when we set about learning which channel is which. All the numbers will be new to us.


Our new Smart Samsung TV arrives in the next few weeks. With it we will be able to access Twitter, Facebook and Skype. Soon, I believe, we will even be able to surf the net.


However, all this new TV instruction comes on heels of digesting the instructions for programming our new irrigation system.


Could we be suffering from Information Overload?


Quite possibly.


But I will know for certain that the world has passed beyond my ability to comprehend it if, when I turn on the TV, the sprinklers come on.